What is Artemis

What is Artemis

To secure employment in Europe and reinforce European industry’s leading position in Embedded Systems technology, thereby yielding both direct and indirect benefits to the European citizen, Artemis will:

· Accelerate the pace of innovation and address the fragmentation of the market by countering the fragmentation of R&D efforts across Europe, private and public, by means of a common and compelling Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
· Propose practical and efficient structures for stimulating Embedded Systems R&D by implementing a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) under article 171 of the Treaty, thereby:

· Nurture an innovation eco-system based around world-class Centres of Excellence, gathering systems integrators, technology providers (SMEs and academia) with the capacity to rapidly turn research achievements into innovative products, processes and services for the global market.

· Promote Embedded Systems as a respected curriculum for higher-education

· Ensure that these strategic directions are properly coordinated, to form the backbone of a true European Research Area for Embedded Systems

ARTEMIS in Facts and Figures

Embedded Systems directly impact on European Competitiveness: the possibility to deliver systems with new functionality or improved quality within a competitive time frame has ensured substantial market shares for the European economy in domains like automotive (37% in 2002), industry and energy (30% in 2002), or defence and space (30% in 2002)

In the next five years, the share of the value of embedded electronics components in the value of the final product is expected to reach significant percentages in areas such as Industrial Automation (22%), Telecommunications (37%), Consumer Electronics and Intelligent Homes (41%) and Health/Medical Equipment (33%)

In the automotive sector, given that 20% of the value of each car today is due to embedded electronics and that this is expected to increase to an average of 35-40% by 2015, more than 600.000 new jobs will be created in Europe in automotive Embedded Systems alone.